Thursday, February 11, 2010

How To Draw Car Accident Diagram What Is The Most Effective Diagram To Describe The Car Accident?

What is the most effective diagram to describe the car accident? - how to draw car accident diagram

My car has to sign by this man and the police to prove that it (my fault = just went green when the guy made a left turn without warning, or if I beat hit my car), but the report was only " record "and was therefore not in an official report. There were no witnesses to the accident.

Now my insurance has asked me to describe a diagram showing how the accident occurred. I must really prove that it was my fault for my frankness. What kind of information / photos Mitschick I want to make it effective? Please help me.


  1. Use an "eagle eye out." Ie, look at the aforementioned intersection. Draw the intersection and both vehicles on the road and the travel and estimated speed of both vehicles at the time of impact. Add to the signs and traffic lights in the picture.
    Included in the appendix, what color lights (color), list that is the other vehicle not specified) (characters, weather and road conditions, passengers in the car or other vehicle TEC. Although there were no independent witnesses, including many details about the incident and has a validity of what he says increased.

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  3. Drawing should be large enough to display all the pages of the accident ... All vehicles involved B4 and after the accident ... Do not leave anything!